Good night, Moonlight

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In one of life’s ironic moments, l learned that CBS cancelled a show about vampires, one of my favorite shows, right before I left for bloodwork. Moonlight promo photo courtesy CBS Photo of lead actors on CBS's

Moonlight, which is still on CBS on Friday nights for the time being, got the network heave-ho. Alex O’Loughlin plays a vampire PI who works with and loves a mortal journalist played by Sophia Myles.

According to an article in the Hollywood Reporter , CBS sees women as the main audience for network TV and that we prefer procedurals and comedies. And, according to the ratings, no one much besides its passionate fan base preferred “Moonlight.”

Hmm. Let’s see – a romantic show starring a handsome charismatic actor exchanging witty banter with an attractive smart woman. And that’s not what women want?

Yeah. CBS called it. We just hate that stuff.

But I don’t see lead Alex O’Loughlin, who played PI Mick St. John, disappearing from entertainment, though. He’s created enough of a buzz to be poised for featured roles in films. He could play a dapper new action hero in a new franchise. Or even move to Wisteria Lane.

Not that I’m “in the know” as far as these things go. I just have a good imagination and like to speculate.

And co-star Sophia Myles is no slouch, either. I could see her cast in a costume epic, a Jane Austen or an Edith Wharton. Or stirring up some saucy 18th century trouble in “Les Liaisons Dangereuses.”

Again. I have no insider knowledge, just good wishes for some talented players.

Photo courtesy CBS


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4 Responses to “Good night, Moonlight”

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It amazes me how a select few decide what it is we want – what we want to see, wear, drive. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll start answering those survey calls instead of just hanging up. Maybe then what WE want will really be heard.

Sorry they canceled your show. But I’m also sorry I laughed when I read they did it just before you left for blood work. LOL.

Glad to have you back in the blogging world!


Thanks, Debora. On both counts. And it’s good to be back.

Rhonda, you won’t be the only one disappointed by the cancellation. Some of my friends are part of the “dedicated fan base”. Women’s Murder Club must have beat it in the ratings when both were on, since they mentioned “procedurals”.

I’ve decided it’s best not to get too attached to TV shows during their first year. I’ve been disappointed too many times. I’m still mad at ABC for cancelling Invasion, lol.


Thanks, Linda — Women’s Murder Club got the axe, too. (I used to catch that one on DVR.) I understand how you feel about Invasion. I watch Battlestar Gallactica and feel that Space: Above and Beyond mined similar story territory ten years ago.

My husband made the observation that if a show doesn’t become an instant hit, there’s no time allowed for an audience to grow.

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