It’s a start

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This is the first stage of my first author’s website. Of course, I have changes in mind already. šŸ™‚

I want to add photo credits to my Links page. Although I’m an avid photographer and even worked as a photojournalist, I knew that I didn’t have the subject matter nor the tone of images that I had in mind to illustrate this site with the atmosphere I wanted. So, I went over to iStockphoto .

During a few afternoon hours, a web-savvy friend walked me through the process of combining a template, those photos and some copy into the site you see.

After a couple of people asked me if those were photos that I had taken, I decided to go about adding a list of photo credits to my Links page. So, thanks to iStockphoto’s internal mail system, I sent out emails to each photographer to get links to their professional websites. So far, I’ve heard from five of them.

Plus, other writers who’ve seen my site so far have suggested that I add essays or tips for other writers. That’s a great idea, too. Only I need to find a page on the template that will work for that. My template from AllWebCo is designed for a corporation, so it has pages for Quotes, News and Clients. So, to add what I need, I see that I need to spend more time learning about the capabilities of my template, too, and how to adapt it.

Novels and stories apparently aren’t the only “works in progress” in this business. šŸ™‚


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9 Responses to “It’s a start”

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Good start, Rhonda. Don’t forget to put a link to the blog if you’re not going to eventually incorporate it into the website. Well, it’s probably a good idea to add the link now, even if you do incorporate it later.

FWIW my websites have always been works in progress. šŸ™‚

Linda / Lyndi

Thanks, Linda. I have mixed emotions about adding the blog to the website. šŸ™‚

I’ll probably blog about it later this week.

Still, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one realizing that, even though I have not books yet to sell, that I need to keep updating the site. šŸ™‚

I keep forgetting that anything I put in brackets does not show up in the post. ::Doh!:: I had, after that first smiley face, “You’re probably thinking, WHAAT?!?!?”

Let’s see if that came out the way I intended it. šŸ™‚

Way to go, Rhonda! Designing the site is such a mix of pleasure and torture, isn’t it? And don’t be hard on yourself or expect too much. You’ll no doubt tweak it for quite some time. Like Linda said, my website has always been a work in progress, too.
Fantastic choices on the pictures, btw. I think it’s great you contacted the photographers for links. How cool – and it’s networking!

Thanks, Debora. I’ve enjoyed contacting the photogs. It’s an advantage to using other peoples’ photos other than my own.

You’re off to a great start! I still need to build a “real” site. Right now I use my blog site as a temporary website. I admire you going for it. I admit I am intimidated by computer stuff. Was it easy?

Thanks, Beth. I’m writing down what I did and experienced as an article on my website. I’m hoping that adding to it will be easy since I intend to work on my own this time. My web savvy friend was nearby for the setup and kind of walked me through the process then.

Still, I was impressed by how easy it was, especially using a host known for good customer support and a website template. After all, these companies want us to be happy with them and stay with them. They want to make it easy.

Rhonda, I like both an interesting subject and a photo can add a lot, too. I find all of this challenging, too, Beth.

Thanks for visiting, Kathleen. I couldn’t agree more that this words&pictures thing is challenging. We’re all so accustomed to simply thinking about the words.

And then there’s a regular schedule for posting. Yikes! Plus, oh yeah, aren’t we writing books?? šŸ˜‰

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