Good Kitty Sam

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Sam is comfy on his cat tree

Photo by Rhonda Lane

Sammy’s a good boy – maybe a little too good.

His vet told us we needed to collect a urine sample. The doc told us to isolate him so that only he could use a particular litter box. Then, our vet gave us a little cup with special litter to toss in so Sam could scratch. And, the doc added, cats may only urinate once in 24 hours.

DH and I accepted the challenge. We know the various ways that vets get urine on demand – and we’d prefer that gentle Sam not have to endure any of those. Sam’s big, almost 15 lbs, but sweet-natured.

So, we put him and his special box in the basement. There’s about half a cup of litter in a box the size of two milk crates. Then, we let him spend the night alone. The next morning, we saw that the box was untouched.

No worries. The vet had said 24 hours.

I closed the bathroom door so he couldn’t get to the other litter box and then let him upstairs. No pouting from Sam, he followed me with bright eyes and a vertical waving tail. I led him back downstairs to show him the box we wanted him to use.

Just in case, he’d missed the point. I scratched in the scant litter, first with my fingers and then with the regular litter scoop so they could pick up the “Do This Here” scent. Then, I put him in the box, which is how people show new kittens where to go. But he stepped back out, ready to follow me elsewhere.

He seemed so comfy and happy that I wondered if he’d found an alternate spot. I walked through the basement to search for smelly places. He trailed happily at my heels.

That began a day-long dance of upstairs/downstairs, opening and shutting doors, all depending upon Sam’s location. Soon, that day ended with Sam downstairs alone again with his clean special litter box.

But, on the second morning, Sam came back upstairs to make a beeline down the hall toward the bathroom only to find, again, a closed door. He plopped his tush in front of it and mewed. He may be a big guy, but he’s got a little monkey chitter.

So, I led him back to the basement. As I had expected, his box was still pristine. We had another day of upstairs/downstairs.I resigned myself to the idea that, if he had an accident, I would collect it wherever it might be. No matter what. Because Sammy had retreated to his alone zone — under the bed.

Finally, DH came home during one of Sammy’s upstairs sojourns. I was in the living room when Rod said, “Sammy’s scratching at the bathroom door.”

“Yeah,” I said, all the while feeling like a torturer plagued by conscience, “he’s been doing that.”

Despite Sam’s whimpering, we stood firm because we know that he Really Won’t Like what might be ahead. But Sam didn’t know any of that. All he knew is, I gotta GO.

A little while later, I spotted Sammy curled up on the kitty tree, no longer under the bed or whimpering in front of the bathroom door. I thought nothing of it because he’d been up there earlier in the day. But then, I walked down the hall to see the bathroom door cracked open. The litter box had been fully utilized. He’d managed to push the bathroom door open and help himself at the “good” box.

No wonder he looked so comfy.


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4 Responses to “Good Kitty Sam”

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What a funny story! Cats are strong-willed and intelligent creatures. I’m convinced there is very little we can do to outsmart them. I’m proud of you for standing your ground but, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help cheer Sammy on. 🙂

Have you since collected the sample you need?


Not yet, Debora. We want to wait until after the weekend so that, if we do succeed, we won’t have to wait until after the weekend for the vet to come pick up the “product.” Plus, DH will be home next week, so he can help with the process.

Very cute story, Rhonda. They do have minds of their own, don’t they? Hope you can get the sample next week.


Thanks, Linda. I hope so, too.

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