Good Kitty Sam – Update

Posted on June 25, 2008. Filed under: cats, Uncategorized |

Sam the cat lying on his back on the couch

Photo by Rhonda Lane

Take Two was not going well. Still determined to be a “good kitty,” Sam refused to use the nice clean box. He had waited overnight then into the next evening. He had given up on going upstairs and was hiding in the basement when DH took action.

Rod sprinkled a little bit of the regular kitty litter into another corner of the box. Then, we left Sammy alone in the basement.

Later on, I went downstairs to check to find that Sam, like Santa, must have solitude to deliver. Only, I don’t think Sam was certain that he had done the right thing. He remained in hiding under some shipping boxes.

He would only come out when I rattled the treat bag.

I think he was afraid he’d been bad.


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5 Responses to “Good Kitty Sam – Update”

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Aw, so very sweet. Poor kitty trying so hard to be good. I’m glad you gave him treats. He certainly earned them. When will you have results of the culture? And… what are they checking for?
One of my kitties is sick. He’s eating but lost over a pound in about six months. 😦 We’re waiting on lab results now. Hopefully, I’ll get them by tomorrow.


Good luck with your kitty, Debora. Too bad they can’t tell us when they feel just a bit off and we could get ahead of things.

I hate waiting for lab results. It’s bad enough for my own, let alone for pets.

During Sammy’s checkup some weeks ago, the vet detected a heart murmur. Sam just turned 10, so I feel a bit of worry and dread. He acts fine — he plays, he begs shamelessly for treats. I had proposed that the heart murmur might be stress from the exam and suggested we retry. Sure enough, it’s still there. The doc took some blood that night, too, and gave us the cup o’litter for gathering his sample. Now we’re waiting for test results, too.

Good luck.

He acts fine. He plays. He begs shamelessly for treats.

“He acts fine. He plays. He begs shamelessly for treats.” You’ve just described my cat. He’ll be 11 in August. I’m concerned, too. His bloodwork is perfect – which, of course, makes me happy. Problem is, he’s still losing weight so something is wrong somewhere. You’re right. If only they could tell us what’s wrong.
Keep us posted. My best goes to Sam.

Debora – Thanks for your good wishes for Sam. I’m so glad your kitty’s tests came out normal. That means the problem isn’t physical after all. I’m sure you’ve thought of this … could there be an environmental issue?

Hmm. I don’t think so. Nothing’s changed. He’s all bony now though. I’m taking him back in tomorrow for another weighing and consultation. His activity level is high, though, and he’s as playful and loving as ever – except for the occasional hiding under the bed now. So… we’ll see.


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