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FTP Follies – learning as I go

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I’ve neglected this blog as I wrap up BISW (or, more accurately, Book in Eight Weeks) and fine-tune the look on The Horsey Set Net .

I think I got about 64 additional pages done on BISW. Not exactly a book, but it’s good progress and I forged ahead into the dreaded Act III. I now know it’s not going to bite me. Right now, it doesn’t have to set the world on fire, either.

As for THSN (the horse blog), working with WordPress.Org has taught me a lot of lessons. I love to learn new skills, so I’m trying to do everything myself. Sometimes to varying degrees of effectiveness.

I didn’t go with this blog’s theme after all. I went with another free theme called Amazing Grace. I wanted the option of banner photos, so I wouldn’t have to come up with as many images for posts. So, I’m downloading stock photos to replace the ones that come with the theme. I’m about halfway through the process.

Since I’m using my own domain name and had to go through, I have to use FTP. A File Transfer Protocol program.

That FTP makes me nervous. It’s too easy and I feel like I’m gonna screw up all the time. It works like a split screen – half the page is what’s on my computer here in CT and the other half is what’s on the website at my host in LA. I drag files from my computer to drop onto my web host. If the file names match, Voila!

If not, if there’s a typo, it’s, “What happened?” And if I can’t seem to find the file I need to replace, it gives a new meaning to the term “hunt and peck.” Which now is more like “hunt and click.”

Is it this one? Click. Nope. What about this one? Click. Uh, no. etc. Ad infinitum until …

I call in DH, my own personal live-in IT guy to help me figure out where I went wrong. Only he’s more of a hardware dude than a software dude and knows less about WordPress and blogs than I do. We managed to trial&error the new theme onto THSN. And he helped me figure out why I couldn’t find another file.

Sometimes luck fills in for skill. And with any luck, I won’t have to call him in to bail me out so often.

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When Opportunity Knocks …

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… I try to answer the door, even if I’m already busy and wearing a bathrobe.

Last week, I realized I could take advantage of a coaching program by a blogging mentor that I had developed an admiration for. Although the program’s name of Blog Mastermind gives me a little pause, that’s about as hypey as Yaro Starak seems to get.

He gives a lot away for free, including his Blog Profits Blueprint ebook, his library of articles and his involvement in the Become a Blogger website. Our first week’s lesson with BMM was about setting up our blogs and developing good work habits, including nurturing what he calls “a giving mindset.”

Yes, there’s a lot of homework.As part of the first week’s lessons, I set up The Horsey Set .

I hadn’t planned to set it up until sometime in the fall. But part of the homework for our first lesson was to set up a blog. Since I don’t intend to “monetize” this blog you’re reading, I launched the horse blog in a limited fashion. It’s up right now, in sort of a beta form.

But it’s there, hovering quietly in cyberspace while I slowly add to it. And you are the first to see it.

Thanks for all your encouragement. BTW, I’ll keep posting here. Having a blog that’s tied less to a niche subject is nice.

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