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A New Start to the Day

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This is how my mornings used to start.

Around dawn, Max the cat would come get me. He would whimper or meow. Or knock knick-knacks off the dresser. Or chase one of the other cats in a hissing screaming yowl down the hall.

So, I’d get up but not be able to go back to sleep. I would go sit at the computer to see what was waiting in my Inbox.

No more.

I’ve been reading Tim Ferriss’s lifestyle management book titled “The Four Hour Workweek.” In it, he says that we should not start the day with email.

He recommends a bunch of other techniques, including only checking email twice a day. ::gasp!:: And to avoid the news. (Yeah. Right. Dude, it’s a US Presidential election year – and hurricane season.)

I now close off my email program before bedtime so that I won’t be tempted by its siren call in the morning. “Who sent me something??? Anything good????” Hmmm???

So, I get to work with the horse blog or even the novel. But, then, I realize that I need to open Outlook to get a URL stored in an email storage folder.

To continue being productive, I have to open my mail.

So far, I’ve been able to delay the inevitable until mid-morning. I can’t seem to stop at just looking for what I need. I am compelled to hit “send/receive” to see what came in while I was sleeping.

And so it begins.

But one thing I hadn’t anticipated is that I rarely get anything over night that truly needs immediate attention in the morning.

Who knew? 🙂

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Joining the Equus Posse

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Yes, I’ve joined the bajillion newsies making bad puns about Daniel Radcliffe (yes, Harry Potter) soon to appear nude on Broadway in Equus.

Not only that, I’ve bought tickets, too. I go in late October.

I’m a little suprised that I did. I had considered the ballyhooed nude scene So Much Hype. So many young stars decide to torpedo their childhood images with a blatantly adult role.

And nothing does that so thoroughly than playing the unstable former (I’m assuming he got fired, considering what he did in the backstory) stable boy in “Equus.”

And that’s another reason why I wasn’t eager to go at first. I’m squeamish. I know that they won’t “go graphic” when they dramatize the crime that Radcliffe’s character committed.

If you don’t know what the play is about and you’re squeamish, too, skip this next line:

The play is about the stable boy’s psychotherapy sessions after he had blinded six horses with a hoofpick.


Good Gawd, Rhonda, why do you want to see a play about something like that?!?

Good question. And I’m still figuring it out. I had been researching for the blog post and I thought, this looks like a damn good play. Maybe even a bona fide dramatic event. And I live close enough to go.

I picked my companion with care. Another horsewoman, a sister English major and a fan of serious drama — and, with a click of the mouse, we have tickets.

So, I finally got my post up to the blog, my pretty little blog with the rotating header photos. Each click brings up a different photo of the ten available. Trick, huh? I had carefully selected stock photos according to composition, emotional content and color scheme to insert into the WordPress theme.

Anyway, while I was working on this post, I went over to The Horsey Set Net to check the link. Imagine my surprise — when you consider the play’s synopsis — to see the close-up photo of the paint horse’s eye pop up in the header on the “Equus” article.


Poor taste and bad luck can happen when you least expect it.

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