Equus – How did he manage that?

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Over on The Horsey Set, I posted a review of Equus. What I didn’t cover is what inquiring minds want to know about the practicalities of staging.

How did the 19-year-old Daniel Radcliffe manage to remain “uninspired” during his simulated sex scene with the lovely Anna Camp’s character?

After all, Radcliffe is a teen-age boy, a walking hormone. How did he manage to remain impotent, live and in-the-buff, as the script demanded? Especially with an equally live and in-the-buff girl paying a lot of attention to him?

Maybe he used some kind of Method actor technique? Or some kind of a ninja-yogi-Jedi mind trick? (“These are not the droids you’re looking for … “)

But my friend and I detected a more practical technique.

The theater was very, very cold.

Right after intermission, we felt a distinct chill.  The kind of chill that tenses you up and makes you shiver. The shift was sudden. As if they’d cranked up the AC to refrigerator levels.

Plus, we were seated in the mezzanine, high above the stage, up where science says the warmer air should have risen. So, that tells me that the stage must have felt like a meat locker. Pardon the pun.

Not to take anything away from Radcliffe’s focus and talent as an actor, but the production took no chances by hedging their bets with science.

Problem solved.


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4 Responses to “Equus – How did he manage that?”

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Yay! Another post! lol. I’ve wondered how this young boy would keep things in check. A/C makes sense but… maybe knowing hundreds of eyes are staring could give a guy… performance anxiety? Maybe a combination? Did you enjoy the play overall?


Thanks, Debora, I did enjoy the play, but I’m glad I knew what to expect going in. I wasn’t as “traumatized” afterward as I had expected to be, either. I reviewed it here, if you’re curious:


Speaking of, The Horsey Set and the class that set it into motion has been monopolizing my time. I love it and it’s nice to see that it have readers from all over the world, especially after all these years of being mired in the first draft of a novel.

A meat locker! Ha!!! Good one. When I saw the play the gentleman playing the lead didn’t rise to the occassion either which left us all wondering if perhaps he didn’t prefer the ladies. I didn’t notice that theater’s temperature dropping so maybe it is some kind of ninja-yogi-Jedi mind trick. Or maybe his little actor just had stage fright (pun intended!).

Yeah, it was COLD in there. Yeesh. Casting someone whose Little Actor finds no inspiration in such circumstances probably helps keep the audience from shivering. Even before the Big Scene finally happens.

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