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Dr. Horrible Easter Egg hunt on Christmas Eve

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We spent Christmas Eve hunting for Easter eggs. We’d just received our DVD of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.”

(BTW, if you’re thinking of buying one, please do it through the link inside this blog post? Or just click on the link and go buy other stuff instead? It’s my Amazon Associates link. I seem to suck at selling, so if you need something, please shop through me? Now, before I lose what’s left of my dignity, we now return to those Easter eggs.)

We’d watched the movie and the credits only to see different colored type on letters in the credits. My engineer husband called out, “Cool! Easter eggs!”

And thus began the code-cracking. Although we suspected some possible computer keyboarding shenanigans, we (he) used the controls on the DVD remote.

“Easter eggs,” if you’ve never heard the term, are surprises built into the code of a website or some digital media that you can access by tapping a certain sequence of keystrokes.

We used the clues from the credits to no avail. Timing is often important to finding Easter eggs. So, I had an idea.

Someone has to have figured out a bunch of them by now and has posted the solutions.

So, I went a Googling. After all, Dr. Horrible and the Whedons have many tech-savvy fans.

Sure enough we found several at the forum. I suspect there could be more. After all, the DVDs only landed into eager hands right before Christmas. That’s not a lot of time for testing theories of Easter egg locations.

BTW, if you’d like to sing along to the songs while in the car, go through my other Horsey Set Net Dr. Horrible post for a CD. (Be sure to enjoy the video of actress Felicia Day being sniped at a games convention.)

As you probably noticed from watching the clips, the songs are catchy tunes. Not unpleasant as earworms, as you can see in the video above. You’ll want to sing along.

See? It’s true. I suck at sales.

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Slow and steady

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My other blog is almost five months old now.  That’s pretty good, since I wasn’t going to get it online until after November.

It doesn’t have a lot of readers yet, but the readers I have enjoy it. Some of them “don’t read other blogs,” as they tell me via email. And they don’t know how to post Comments, they say — and that’s why they email. They like that it doesn’t take long to read. It’s a break in the day for them.

And that makes me happy because that’s exactly how I want my site’s readers to feel.

I designed it like Peter Jackson reportedly designed Hobbiton for “The Lord of the Rings,” as a place where people would want to go on holiday.

So it’s a pretty place. A diversion with pretty pictures and sometimes funny, sometimes playfully snarky prose.

Anthony Bourdain is another influence. DH and I watch “No Reservations” faithfully. We like his mix of irreverence and poignancy.

Most of the other blogs in its niche are more how-to’s. Or they’re a diary. p. And some are just places for people to jeer at other people.

Even though mine has an animal at its center, it’s not just about the animal. Or a journey with the animal. It’s sort of a journey to the animal.


So, I think that makes me a travel writer.

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Agents of change

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I voted for Obama, so why do I get so discombobulated when WordPress changes our dashboard?

And what do you mean, it’s time to dig the heavy sweaters out? I just put them away. Or did I? Where are they now anyway?

Whaddya mean, it’s Christmastime again? Are we having it twice a year now?

There was a time when I needed change to wash my clothes.

We add change, make change, keep the change (what’s that all about? how can you “keep” change??) change our minds, change our clothes and change our tires. Except for those of us with AAA on SpeedDial.

I think I’ll change back into me now after this brief stint of attempting to write like Steven Wright.

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