Slow and steady

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My other blog is almost five months old now.  That’s pretty good, since I wasn’t going to get it online until after November.

It doesn’t have a lot of readers yet, but the readers I have enjoy it. Some of them “don’t read other blogs,” as they tell me via email. And they don’t know how to post Comments, they say — and that’s why they email. They like that it doesn’t take long to read. It’s a break in the day for them.

And that makes me happy because that’s exactly how I want my site’s readers to feel.

I designed it like Peter Jackson reportedly designed Hobbiton for “The Lord of the Rings,” as a place where people would want to go on holiday.

So it’s a pretty place. A diversion with pretty pictures and sometimes funny, sometimes playfully snarky prose.

Anthony Bourdain is another influence. DH and I watch “No Reservations” faithfully. We like his mix of irreverence and poignancy.

Most of the other blogs in its niche are more how-to’s. Or they’re a diary. p. And some are just places for people to jeer at other people.

Even though mine has an animal at its center, it’s not just about the animal. Or a journey with the animal. It’s sort of a journey to the animal.


So, I think that makes me a travel writer.


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3 Responses to “Slow and steady”

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Too funny. I’m so happy your other blog has worked out the way you wanted. Setting these up and getting them going is not that easy. I’m working on a blog for the shelter I work in and trying to get other volunteers to contribute has proved… impossible. Ah well. Slow and steady wins the race, yes. I hope my shelter blog will bring a few happy readers, too. Keep up the great work!

Travel writer. That’s funny. It sounds like you found a niche and filled it. Congratulations.

Thanks, Beth. Yeah, it’s a stretch, I suppose, but I suppose that it still counts if you can connect the dots. 😉

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