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Good night, Moonlight

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In one of life’s ironic moments, l learned that CBS cancelled a show about vampires, one of my favorite shows, right before I left for bloodwork. Moonlight promo photo courtesy CBS Photo of lead actors on CBS's

Moonlight, which is still on CBS on Friday nights for the time being, got the network heave-ho. Alex O’Loughlin plays a vampire PI who works with and loves a mortal journalist played by Sophia Myles.

According to an article in the Hollywood Reporter , CBS sees women as the main audience for network TV and that we prefer procedurals and comedies. And, according to the ratings, no one much besides its passionate fan base preferred “Moonlight.”

Hmm. Let’s see – a romantic show starring a handsome charismatic actor exchanging witty banter with an attractive smart woman. And that’s not what women want?

Yeah. CBS called it. We just hate that stuff.

But I don’t see lead Alex O’Loughlin, who played PI Mick St. John, disappearing from entertainment, though. He’s created enough of a buzz to be poised for featured roles in films. He could play a dapper new action hero in a new franchise. Or even move to Wisteria Lane.

Not that I’m “in the know” as far as these things go. I just have a good imagination and like to speculate.

And co-star Sophia Myles is no slouch, either. I could see her cast in a costume epic, a Jane Austen or an Edith Wharton. Or stirring up some saucy 18th century trouble in “Les Liaisons Dangereuses.”

Again. I have no insider knowledge, just good wishes for some talented players.

Photo courtesy CBS

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Lost Souls on The Wire

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Ordinarily, I’d be writing about horses here. And, as odd as it is to imagine, HBO’s gritty urban blight series “The Wire” had a horse in its final couple of episodes.

Duquan from HBO’s “The Wire”Teenaged Duquan (“Dukie”) joins forces with an Arabber, one of the now only-in-Baltimore street vendors who work out of horse-drawn carts. Although the Arrabber on the show collects scrap metal, the few that remain in real life Baltimore reportedly sell fresh produce in neighborhoods not serviced by supermarkets. FWIW, that street horse looked healthier than some of the characters.

Anyway, I won’t spoil any more surprises for the only-on-DVD crowd, but Dukie’s situation provoked emotional reactions among Wire fans.

We’ll probably feel sad for a day or two and then move on. After all, Dukie is a fictional character. But I wonder how many Dukies are out there, also having been born under an unlucky star?

Show co-creator David Simon posted a message to Wire fans that was part “thank you” note and part call-to- arms.

“The Wire is about the America we pay for and tolerate,” Simon said in his letter. “Perhaps it is possible to pay for, and demand, something more.”

But the show also demonstrates that those who try to change the system end up either damaged, corrupted or both. So, the terrible truth is that it’s much easier and smarter for us to weep for Dukie — and then move on. Or to outlaw the Arabbers with the intent of protecting the horses.

It’s possible that more people look out for the street horses than the street kids like Dukie.

photo from HBO

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Torchwood – Rhys rules

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Until the last episode, I considered Rhys a stock character — the cop wife.

You know the type — whiny, jealous, wants the cop-love home for dinner every night. If not estranged already, then an ex2be, complete with unspecified numbered days. The clock’s ticking, dude.
Plus, Gwen and Rhys seemed to be the classic “opposites attract then repel” couple. Their engagement announcement early in this series seemed doomed. If nothing else, we would be doomed to an obligatory wedding episode, complete with alien invasion in the church.

Already a ground-breaking series, Torchwood again breaks new ground. We still may be subjected to a wedding episode complete with aliens or a rip in the fabric of time, but I have hope for these two after all.

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