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Equus – How did he manage that?

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Over on The Horsey Set, I posted a review of Equus. What I didn’t cover is what inquiring minds want to know about the practicalities of staging.

How did the 19-year-old Daniel Radcliffe manage to remain “uninspired” during his simulated sex scene with the lovely Anna Camp’s character?

After all, Radcliffe is a teen-age boy, a walking hormone. How did he manage to remain impotent, live and in-the-buff, as the script demanded? Especially with an equally live and in-the-buff girl paying a lot of attention to him?

Maybe he used some kind of Method actor technique? Or some kind of a ninja-yogi-Jedi mind trick? (“These are not the droids you’re looking for … “)

But my friend and I detected a more practical technique.

The theater was very, very cold.

Right after intermission, we felt a distinct chill.  The kind of chill that tenses you up and makes you shiver. The shift was sudden. As if they’d cranked up the AC to refrigerator levels.

Plus, we were seated in the mezzanine, high above the stage, up where science says the warmer air should have risen. So, that tells me that the stage must have felt like a meat locker. Pardon the pun.

Not to take anything away from Radcliffe’s focus and talent as an actor, but the production took no chances by hedging their bets with science.

Problem solved.

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Feel better soon, Patrick

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Most current accounts of Patrick Swayze’s illness refer to his career on stage and screen. Here, we will note him as another horse lover. One of us. Patrick is an expert equestrian, breeder and fancier of Arabian horses.

Click on this page to see the famous Polly Knoll photo of him and his stallion Tammen. I didn’t include the photo in this post because I’m still hazy about the copyright issues.

And here’s more information about Swayze’s love of Egyptian Arabian horses .

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Homes of the Stars – Part 2

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Remember Smarty Jones? (A picture would be nice here, wouldn’t it? ;-> Sorry – workin’ on it! 🙂 )

Smarty won the hearts of millions in his bid for the 2004 Triple Crown. Was it his comeback story from a nearly-devastating skull fracture the year before? Or his charming senior owners, The Chapmans, who showed us that dreams can come true? Or the way he ran with his ears pinned flat against his head, as if he knew about aerodynamics?

Well, fans who plan ahead, can visit Smarty. I probably should add that you shouldn’t try to pet him, unless his groom gives permission. We’ll cover horse farm tour etiquette in Part 4. (Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. Just some common sense.)

Anyway, Smarty now leads the life of a breeding stallion at Three Chimneys Farm in Midway, KY, which is between Lexington and Louisville. The farm offers tours by appointment only.

I remember that when Smarty’s retirement was imminent, the Chapmans toured the Bluegrass farms in search of the best home, according to articles I read in The One of their requirements was that Smarty retire to a farm where his fans could visit him. Three Chimneys fit the bill. So, a prospective visitor wanting to see Smarty Jones needs to make an appointment. The Three Chimneys website has a link for contact info to reserve tours.

Keep in mind that Smarty is a man in demand, both for human visitors and his dates with The Ladies, which is his real job. There are certain times of year that his human visitor appointment calendar is booked up: the week leading up to the first Saturday in May (KY Derby time) and when events are scheduled at the nearby racetrack Keeneland. Plus, the farm is open for tours probably during limited hours on selected days. “Book early” is good advice to avoid disappointment.

But what if Smarty’s people say he’s tied up (or booked up?) Well, there are plenty of other stars in the Bluegrass.

Finding them will be the topic of tomorrow’s installment, part 3.

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Horse Story Corner – gulp

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It’s time I started firming up what I’m going to do with the “Horse Story Corner” feature. Should it be a section on a general blog? Or its own website? Decisions, decisions. Oy vey.

Probably the best thing I can consider is simply the content. Get those facts, then decide the presentation.

Right now, I can tell this will be a lot of work. And I’m still in first draft of the novel. And have been for  <cough!> X-number of years…

Still, starting with a events calendar might be a good idea. The “marquee events” of the horse story world would start with the release dates of upcoming horse stories. I would also like to include major equestrian events like the Triple Crown races, the Grand National, the annual World Games and the Chincoteague pony roundup. Birthday salutes of famous horses and horsemen …

This looks more like a plan for a magazine than a blog.

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