Busy summer

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We all could write that same headline. I just wanted to update y’all on what’s been going on since I got my bermudas in a bunch over Uhura.

Trip to Virginia

A friend and I went to Virginia for the Hunt Country Stable Tour. I’m milking the trip for all it’s worth for posts for The Horsey Set Net. That link is the gateway to more links to the previous entries, if you’d like to read them. Photos, too. 🙂 I have two (maybe three?) more planned.

BISW (Book in Six? Weeks)

In our case, it’s Book in Seven Weeks. The Charter Oak Romance Writers group, one of the two RWA chapters to which I belong, is having an amass-pages-like-a-maniac event from early July through the third week of August. Even though I’m too repressed to be much of a maniac, I’m moving forward. Last week? Crazy good. This week? Oh, not so much.

I pretty much set aside the summer to work as much as I can on my long-standing WIP.

I reduced my posting schedule for the horse blog to twice a week, after having posted daily during the Triple Crown races.  Curiosity about those races drove a lot of traffic to my little horsey blog. Some of those readers have stayed on to become RSS feed subscribers.

More travel planning

I’m going to Saratoga for the first time during The Season. Heck, I’m just going to Saratoga for the first time in the nearly 30 years that we’ve lived here.

I’m also working on a strange combined trip to Kentucky and Indianapolis for the fall. Fly into Louisville, drive to Indianaoplis for an event, drive back to Kentucky for a few days, then fly home from Louisville. It seemed like a good idea when I dreamed it up.

At-home feline health care

Our 12-year-old kitty Amber has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. First, we had trouble figuring out how to get the meds into her. Now, we pulverize the pill and mix it into soft food. Twice a day.

Soon, she got too much of the medication and turned into Yoda with itchy ears. We got her meds balanced (more like, reduced by half). She has  mellowed out and looks fluffy again, but she’s getting a bit dodgy about the meds and her “treat.” It’s ongoing. When I finish this, I’ll lure her out for her morning’s dose. I hope.

In case you’re wondering, she lets DH give her her “treats.” But we’re the only ones. Travel as a couple may be out of the picture for a while. And I don’t want to really think much beyond that. 😦

Frankly, how she is while I’m in Saratoga and after my return will tell me if I should go hrough with my travel plans to KY in October, let alone next October for the World Equestrian Games (like the Olympics, but rarer – it’s never been held outside Europe.)


I’m battling genetics (a long line of British bulldog women), leftovers from three years on steroids and the menopot. I’m not sure that boot camp at Parris Island would take this off. But I’m doing what I have the strength to do.

* Oh yeah, DH and I scored tickets to see Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig on Broadway in “A Steady Rain.”

I know, I know – some of those spill over into fall. But I have even more big plans for fall, including setting up a blog on my author (to be) website, which is now dormant.

When that finally happens, I’ll link there from here.

But, first, I need to amass many more pages on that novel. And keep that kitty stable.

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Dr. Horrible Easter Egg hunt on Christmas Eve

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We spent Christmas Eve hunting for Easter eggs. We’d just received our DVD of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.”

(BTW, if you’re thinking of buying one, please do it through the link inside this blog post? Or just click on the link and go buy other stuff instead? It’s my Amazon Associates link. I seem to suck at selling, so if you need something, please shop through me? Now, before I lose what’s left of my dignity, we now return to those Easter eggs.)

We’d watched the movie and the credits only to see different colored type on letters in the credits. My engineer husband called out, “Cool! Easter eggs!”

And thus began the code-cracking. Although we suspected some possible computer keyboarding shenanigans, we (he) used the controls on the DVD remote.

“Easter eggs,” if you’ve never heard the term, are surprises built into the code of a website or some digital media that you can access by tapping a certain sequence of keystrokes.

We used the clues from the credits to no avail. Timing is often important to finding Easter eggs. So, I had an idea.

Someone has to have figured out a bunch of them by now and has posted the solutions.

So, I went a Googling. After all, Dr. Horrible and the Whedons have many tech-savvy fans.

Sure enough we found several at the forum. I suspect there could be more. After all, the DVDs only landed into eager hands right before Christmas. That’s not a lot of time for testing theories of Easter egg locations.

BTW, if you’d like to sing along to the songs while in the car, go through my other Horsey Set Net Dr. Horrible post for a CD. (Be sure to enjoy the video of actress Felicia Day being sniped at a games convention.)

As you probably noticed from watching the clips, the songs are catchy tunes. Not unpleasant as earworms, as you can see in the video above. You’ll want to sing along.

See? It’s true. I suck at sales.

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FTP Follies – learning as I go

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I’ve neglected this blog as I wrap up BISW (or, more accurately, Book in Eight Weeks) and fine-tune the look on The Horsey Set Net .

I think I got about 64 additional pages done on BISW. Not exactly a book, but it’s good progress and I forged ahead into the dreaded Act III. I now know it’s not going to bite me. Right now, it doesn’t have to set the world on fire, either.

As for THSN (the horse blog), working with WordPress.Org has taught me a lot of lessons. I love to learn new skills, so I’m trying to do everything myself. Sometimes to varying degrees of effectiveness.

I didn’t go with this blog’s theme after all. I went with another free theme called Amazing Grace. I wanted the option of banner photos, so I wouldn’t have to come up with as many images for posts. So, I’m downloading stock photos to replace the ones that come with the theme. I’m about halfway through the process.

Since I’m using my own domain name and had to go through, I have to use FTP. A File Transfer Protocol program.

That FTP makes me nervous. It’s too easy and I feel like I’m gonna screw up all the time. It works like a split screen – half the page is what’s on my computer here in CT and the other half is what’s on the website at my host in LA. I drag files from my computer to drop onto my web host. If the file names match, Voila!

If not, if there’s a typo, it’s, “What happened?” And if I can’t seem to find the file I need to replace, it gives a new meaning to the term “hunt and peck.” Which now is more like “hunt and click.”

Is it this one? Click. Nope. What about this one? Click. Uh, no. etc. Ad infinitum until …

I call in DH, my own personal live-in IT guy to help me figure out where I went wrong. Only he’s more of a hardware dude than a software dude and knows less about WordPress and blogs than I do. We managed to trial&error the new theme onto THSN. And he helped me figure out why I couldn’t find another file.

Sometimes luck fills in for skill. And with any luck, I won’t have to call him in to bail me out so often.

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